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Admissions Policy

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Our Admissions Policy

Kings Monkton School is a mainstream school that prides itself on its inclusive nature. We do not have an Admissions Examination as our belief and experience shows us that once children feel safe, secure and happy they will excel in education. However, we are a school with excellent academic success and recognise that we cannot always meet the educational needs of all children.

Admissions are made on an individual basis and at the Principal’s discretion. Criteria used to assess whether a child is admitted to our school includes:

  • Whether the school can meet the needs of that individual pupil.
  • The structure and make up of our current cohort and class which that pupil will enter.
  • The applicant is of the appropriate age and sufficient maturity.
  • The School is able to provide adequately for any special educational needs the applicant may have following an assessment of the pupil by the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator.
  • The School, having made reasonable adjustment, has the capacity to cope with any disability the applicant may have.
  • Fees (if applicable) at the present school have been paid.

General Guidance to Entrance

Prospective Pupils for entry into Foundation and Reception

 Children entering Foundation generally join us in the September following their third birthday and enter Reception in the September following their fourth birthday. Children are invited in for a taster visit prior to entry to ensure that they are happy and settled.

Prospective Pupils for the Infant Department, Years 1 and 2

Pupils join the School in their chronological year group. This means that those aged 5 on 1st September in the year of entry enter Year 1, whilst those aged 6 on 1st September enter Year 2.

Pupils are invited for a taster session during which they will spend time in the classroom with the teacher and other pupils. To support the transition a report will be sought from the pupil’s current or previous school.

All children in the Primary School from Year 1 to Year 6 will sit a PIPS test throughout the year. This is not an entrance examination, but a means of measuring the children’s literacy, numeracy and non-verbal skills so that we can tailor our teaching to their learning needs.

Prospective Pupils for the Junior Section, Years 3-6

If a place is available (or, in the case of a waiting list, as soon as a place becomes available) prospective pupils are invited in for a taster session to meet the children and staff in their classroom.

 Prospective Pupils for the Senior Section, Years 7-11

At Year 7, year groups expand from one to two tutor groups. Pupils again can have a taster day to settle into their class and meet the other pupils and staff. Children with additional learning needs will meet with the Additional Learning Needs Coordinator for Secondary School to assess how we can meet their learning needs and ensure a smooth transition into our school.

All children in the Secondary School from Year 7 to Year 11 will sit both a MidYis and YELLIS test at the start of the key stage. This is not an entrance examination, but a means of measuring the pupil’s literacy, numeracy and non-verbal skills so that we can tailor our teaching to their learning needs.

Prospective Students for GCSE Freshstart

There are no entry requirements for GCSE Freshstart and pupils can join Year 10 or Year 11 classes to have a tailor made curriculum to ensure they reach the GCSE grades they need to move on in their education.

Prospective Students for the Sixth Form, Years 12-13

Kings Monkton School does not set a sixth form entrance examination, but requires of applicants (whether internal or external) the following basic minimum for entry to the sixth form:

  1. Minimum 5 C grades at GCSE;
  2. A current school report which evidences that the student has a positive and focussed attitude to study and school life.


Please read our full Admission Policy Below. 

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