David Johnston - Chemistry Teacher





David Johnston

Healthy Schools Coordinator

Our school is currently involved in two schemes to help enhance the lives of our pupils, the local community and our world. These schemes are Eco-Schools and Healthy Schools.

Eco-Schools is a scheme designed to empower children and young people to make changes to their school and local community that will have positive impacts on their environment and world. Healthy Schools is local award scheme run by the Cardiff Advisory Service for Education. Schools are seen as a very important setting for promoting health messages to young people.

Through the Healthy Schools scheme we can be accredited a ‘Welsh Network of Healthy School Schemes’ plaque. The Eco-Schools scheme awards successful schools the Green Flag, an internationally recognised symbol for environmental excellence.

These schemes link very closely together so we have set up a committee of children to represent each class in order to work on the two schemes together. Our committee works hard to assess and evaluate good practice within our school that supports the schemes.

Where we see need for improvement we try to provide relevant information to equip pupils to make informed decisions about their health and their impact on the environment.

As a school we are following an action plan of change initiated by the children on the committee to make those developments to help our school contribute towards a sustainable world.