A wide range of extra- curricular activities complements the academic curriculum. It allows pupils to broaden their interests and skills and to develop their individual talents.  The activities are also designed to be fun!

We are keen to ensure that all pupils benefit from these opportunities. To this end, our school week is structured to accommodate a programme of extra-curricular clubs and activities. This brings the activities within the school day so that those children who are unable to stay on after school are not disadvantaged.

Activities are compulsory at this time for all pupils and usually there is a choice. Most activities are provided free of charge, however, some activities use out of school venues and require expert coaching and for these there is a charge to cover costs.

The programme of activities varies each term and we are always open to new suggestions. During the summer term, we like to take advantage of the better weather and get out and about to the local parks to do some physical games.

Please take a look at our Sports, Arts & Crafts and Clubs & Activities pages to get more of a feel of what we offer our pupils.

We also have an excellent partnership with Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) where our pupils can attend a summer school at Oxford University from the ages of 13-18. More details can be found by following this link.