Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

We are proud to announce our first full Estyn Report since 2013, published on 31st March 2016!

We are all so pleased with the results of this report, which officially acknowledges the great work that our fantastic staff and pupils do day-in day-out. We’ve known it all along, but here it is officially recognised by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate.

“The percentage of entries awarded an A*/A grade is well above the average for all  schools in Wales in all subjects”

The inspectors have written so much that is good about our school within this report that it would be very difficult to pull every line out. However, look out for some of the highlights in the coming weeks on our Facebook page.

“In each of the last 3 years, the percentage of pupils achieving the level 2 threshold including English and mathematics has been well above national average”

In the meantime, thank you to everybody who has played a part in the school’s ongoing success: the staff across all departments, the pupils and parents, as well as our partners who help us to broaden our curriculum. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Click here to read the full report.


“The school is an inclusive and caring community that engenders a strong family feel and promotes fairness and tolerance well.”