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Kings Monkton pupils’ artwork to adorn walls of the Children’s Centre at University Hospital of Wales


Pupils from Kings Monkton school will have their artwork on display for years to come at the University Hospital of Wales’ ‘Ty-Croeso,’ the residential facility for parents of sick children.


Our school been selected to work together with The Trust for Sick Children in Wales and Ronald McDonald House, the charity that provides a ‘home away from home’ to families while their child is in hospital, to create a series of artworks to adorn the rooms at a new accommodation facility at the hospital due to open in July.


To help tell the real stories of the hundreds of families throughout Wales that have benefitted from the Trust, we’re inviting you to use this page to share stories, memories, and messages of thanks to the Trust – or messages of luck to the pupils working on the project.


We want as many people as possible to share their experiences on with us, to help inspire our pupils, show thanks to the Trust and play a part in contributing to the artwork that will hopefully bring comfort to families who use the accommodation in the future.