Policy & Procedure

Policy & Procedure

A full list of policies and procedures can be obtained by contacting the Main Office, or visiting our school website www.kingsmonkton.org.uk. If you have any questions about any school procedures or policies then please do not hesitate to contact the Principal, Mr Norton or the Vice Principal, Mrs Norton at the school. Details of their personal email addresses can be found here.



  • Collection of Children

    Under no circumstances will staff allow your child to be collected from school by an unauthorised person. It is important that details of all persons authorised to collect your child are provided on the Registration Form.

    You must also provide the Preschool Staff with a secret password which will be used when someone other than the child’s parent or legal guardian is collecting your child from Preschool.

  • Careers Advice and Guidance

    We work in partnership with an independent careers service called Dragon Careers. They help us to tailor our curriculum to meet the needs of our children, and they ensure that any transitions within school and then on to opportunities beyond are smooth and thoroughly planned. All pupils in Years 9, 11 and Sixth Form receive one-to-one interviews with qualified careers advisors from this service, and all have the opportunity to sit the Morrisby Career Profiling Test.

    Further information can be obtained from DragonCareerAssociates@virginmedia.com or from their website at www.dragoncareerassociates.com

  • Equal Opportunities

    We are fully committed to the active promotion of equality for all children, families and staff in the school, and have an appropriate Equal Opportunities Policy. The school is committed to giving all pupils every opportunity to achieve the highest standards by:

    • Taking account of their varied experiences and needs
    • Offering a broad and balanced curriculum
    • Having high expectations of all pupils
  • No Smoking Policy

    The whole school is a no smoking area. Staff, parents and other visitors are expected to abide by this rule. All pupils from juniors upwards participate in lessons on the dangers of smoking as part of their Personal and Social Education. This policy also relates to e-cigarettes, shisha pipes and any other utensils used to inhale smoke for pleasure.

  • Illnesses and Medicines

    If children are ill at school, we do our best to make them comfortable. Our policy is to contact parents promptly so that the child can be taken home immediately. We encourage full attendance at school, but when children are ill, it is usually better for all concerned that they are cared for at home until they have fully recovered. In our experience, children who feel unwell rarely work effectively and can become distressed.

    Although it is better for children to be kept at home if they need regular medication, there are circumstances when it is necessary to give treatment in school. If a child needs continuous treatment, you can either come to school and give the medication yourself or write a letter/sign an official consent form giving us permission (available through the school office). All medicine is kept in a safe, locked place and administered by Mrs Jane Hughes in the main office.

  • Asthma

    Increasing numbers of children suffer from asthma and it is our policy is to ensure that asthma sufferers lead a full school life whilst controlling their illness. If your child suffers from asthma in any of its forms, please use our entry information sheet to register them as an asthma sufferer.

    We monitor children carefully, particularly during physical activities and allow them immediate access to their medication when necessary. It is essential that your child has extra medication that can be kept in school permanently. If a child has an attack which does not respond to treatment within a reasonable time, we will call the emergency services.

  • Allergies

    Increasing numbers of children suffer from allergies and it is our policy is to ensure that allergy sufferers lead a full school life, whilst controlling their reactions to allergy triggers. If your child suffers from any allergy please use our entry information sheet to register them and tell us as much as you know about their condition.

    We monitor children carefully, particularly during ‘high risk’ activities such as outside play for pupils who have pollen allergies, and we allow them immediate access to their medication when necessary. It is essential that your child has extra medication that can be kept in school permanently if they require it.

    If a child has an attack, which does not respond to treatment within a reasonable time, we will call the emergency services. With food allergies, including peanut allergies, please refer to our Food Allergy Policy and arrange to meet our Head Chef, Mrs Ruth Clarke, to discuss your child’s needs in more detail and develop a risk assessment to ensure their safety.

  • First Aid

    The children are supervised throughout the day and their safety is always of prime concern when we are organising activities. If an accident occurs, a member of staff administers first aid.

    We have eight members of staff who are qualified first aiders. In the case of minor injuries, no other action is taken, but if it is thought that medical treatment is needed, you will be informed so that your child can be taken to the doctor or hospital immediately. We are particularly concerned about injuries to the head or back. If you cannot be contacted we will take the child for treatment or call in medical help.

  • Absence Notification

    For a pre-arranged absence (e.g. medical appointment) please inform the school beforehand by letter addressed to the office.

    If your child will be absent from the school due to illness then please telephone the school on the first and each subsequent morning of an absence before registration at 8.30am. On returning to school following an absence, please send a letter addressed to the office, confirming the dates and reason for absence.

    If your child is to miss school for other reasons then a letter requesting permission to miss school should be sent to the Principal outlining the reason for the proposed absence and how long the absence will be for. Please ensure that this request is sent to the school in plenty of time before the proposed date so that 29 your request can be duly considered. It is not the policy of the school to authorise absences during term time, and requests will only be granted under exceptional circumstances.

  • Breakfast Club

    Every morning during term time there is provision for the children to have breakfast in the main dining hall. Please note there is an additional cost for this. There is a range of food on offer from cereal to cooked breakfast sandwiches. Please see our Head Chef, Ruth Clarke, if you have any dietary requirements that we need to meet.

  • After School Club

    The provision of out of school care at Kings Monkton School offers a facility where boys and girls from the ages of 3-14 are looked after in a safe, relaxing and stimulating environment. The purpose of this facility for out of school care is to meet the needs of those families where both parents/guardians are working and would find it difficult to drop off or collect their children at normal school times.

    The school club is available from 15.25 to 18.00 every day during the school term. Please note that there is an additional cost for this for all children, except those children in Foundation Class. Please see our Fee Structure for more details or contact the main office.

  • Nutrition and School Meals

    Nutritious school meals are cooked on the premises and are available at £2.10 per meal (for all aged children). Lunch vouchers can be purchased from the main office at a cost of £52 per month or children can pay at the till with cash. The menus are published on our website so pupils and parents can see what is available for both the current week, and the weeks ahead, which is great for planning. Packed lunches are allowed in school.

  • Charging and Remissions

    We endeavour to ensure that all costs within the school are up front and clear for parents. Please note that additional charges are made for these services:

    • Uniform is not included in school fees
    • Lunch is not included in school fees except for the Foundation Class
    • Tuition fees outside of curriculum music lessons
    • Trips that are not directly linked to the curriculum
    • Examination entries and any request for return of papers; re-marks etc.
    • Minibus service to and from school
    • There is also an additional charge for parents if you are consistently late picking up your child. This causes significant disruption for staff and parents will be charged £15.00 per 15 minutes (or anytime within that)


  • Child Protection and Pupil Welfare

    The school has a duty of care, and the right to take reasonable action to ensure the welfare and safety of its pupils. If a member of staff has cause to be concerned that a pupil may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or any form of abuse the school will follow the school’s Child Protection Policy and Procedures. This may mean that we have to liaise with other external bodies.

    The school’s Designated Safeguarding Person is Mrs Sara Hart and Designated Safeguarding Lead in Head Office is Ms Sara Barry Wheeler.

    Who to contact if you have a safeguarding concern:

    School – Cath Alger

    Designated Safeguarding Person (DSP)
    Kings Monkton School
    Tel: 02920 482854
    Email: catherinealger@kingsmonkton.org.uk or staysafe@kingsmonkton.org.uk

    Cardiff Safeguarding

    Children’s Access Point Social Care & Health
    PO Box 97
    CF11 1BP
    Tel: 02920 536490 or 02920 788570 (out of hours)


    Welsh Government office Rhydycar Business Park
    Merthyr Tydfil
    CF48 1UZ
    Email: CIW@wales.gsi.gov.uk
    Tel: 0300 7900 126

    Welsh Government

    Cathays Park
    CF10 3NQ
    Tel: English: 0300 0603300 Tel: Welsh: 0300 0604400





  • Notice Period

    Please note that a terms notice is required for removing your child from school. Failure to give a terms notice can result in you being charged a full terms fees. There are only two exceptions to this:
    1. If your child is permanently excluded from the school.
    2. If your child fails to make the GCSE grades required to move onto Sixth Form as originally planned.

    Please note that the Sixth Form is a two year course and pupils wishing to leave the school after their first year – Year 12 – are also required to give a full terms notice before the Easter of their final Year 12 examinations.

  • Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) Policy

    Children who ask questions about sex or where they come from are answered in an honest and sympathetic way according to their age and maturity. The class teacher and PSHE Coordinator gives children in Year 6 upwards more detailed lessons on sex and relationships education and we seek parental permission for children to attend these sessions. If you would like to see the content of these lessons or the Sex and Relationships Policy, then please contact Mrs Jane Burrows, the PSHE Coordinator through the main office or on janeburrows@kingsmonkton.org.uk

    You may of course withdraw your child from these lessons and if you wish to do so we would be grateful if you could please inform the Principal in writing.

  • Health and Safety

    The school has a detailed Health and Safety Policy which outlines the measures that the Board of Governors, Principal and all staff take to ensure that all pupils, staff, visitors and contractors are safe whilst on the premises. Regular safety checks on equipment, fire drills and appliance testing are carried out routinely throughout the year. Activities that require additional safety measures, such as extra-curricular activities, visits or using specific equipment, are subject to detailed risk assessments.

  • School Security

    All visitors enter the school by buzzing the outside intercom and gaining entrance through an electric gate once they have identified themselves to the office staff. On entering the school they will be greeted in the main office by the school receptionist and will be required to sign in and wear a visitors ID badge whilst on the premises. This is the only entrance to the site during the school day which is open.

  • Acceptable ICT Use Policy Agreement

    Kings Monkton School strongly believes in the educational value of the use of ICT in the classroom and recognises its potential in supporting both teaching and learning. However any inappropriate misuse of ICT both in and outside of the school community is strictly prohibited.

    All staff, parents and pupils are expected to read and sign an agreement outlining the acceptable use of ICT around the school which can be found in the pupil planners or by contacting the main office. Pupils are allowed to bring their own device for use in school if they have the express permission of the E-Safety Officer and Director of ICT. Further details can be found by contacting stuart@steerits.co.uk

  • Minibus Service

    We have a number of minibuses that travel around the surrounding area transporting our children to and from school. The service is provided at an additional cost and is delivered by our drivers, all of whom have current enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) or DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks. This means that you can be assured that your children are in safe hands during their journeys to and from school. For routes and prices please contact the main office.

  • Instrumental Tuition

    We currently offer a wide range of instrumental tuition for piano, keyboard, brass, woodwind, strings and percussion either on an individual or small group basis. Lessons take place during the school day, after school and on weekends. We have two music providers:

    International Music School and CAVMS

    Music Central currently runs three ensembles within the school and hosts regular free public shows per term:

     Brass

     Wind

     String

    Further details can be obtained from Immanuel Voigt at mail@imscardiff.co.uk

    Payment for the music tuition which is not part of the school-day curriculum must be paid for on top of school fees. Music Central charge parents directly whilst CAVMS are invoiced through the school on a termly basis. If you wish to cancel instrumental tuition then a term’s notice is required in writing, otherwise you will be liable for the full term’s fees.

  • Welsh Language

    Kings Monkton School does not offer Welsh as a core subject. However, in response to parental requests we do offer French from the age of three. Mandarin and Welsh are an option within the primary school and Welsh can be taken as a GCSE option.

  • Religious Education

    Kings Monkton School is a secular school and, such, does not have a collective act of worship during its assemblies or celebrate religious ceremonies. We instil in our pupils a tolerance for all pupils beliefs and our religious education classes at Key Stage 3 teach the pupils to the main differences between religions and to celebrate and accept these differences. Religious Education is offered as an option at GCSE and have half an hour of core curriculum time in the Key Stage 2 and 3.

  • Complaints Procedure

    If you are unhappy with anything within the school then please write to the Principal at the school and inform him of your issue. All complaints are dealt with in line with our strict Complaints Policy, a copy of which can be downloaded below or obtained from the Main Office. If the complaint is about the Principal or Vice Principal please contact Cardiff MASH directly on 02920 536490

  • Anti-Bullying and Cyber-Bullying

    The school recognises its responsibilities to combat bullying in school as outlined in the National Assembly Circular 23/03 ‘Respecting Others: Anti-Bullying Guidance’ (September 2003).

    Kings Monkton School Anti-Bullying Policy

    Any queries or concerns should be raised directly to the Principal, Mr Paul Norton.

  • Safeguarding

    At Kings Monkton School we recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all children/young people. We endeavour to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children/young people are respected and valued. We are alert to the signs of abuse and neglect and follow our procedures to ensure that children/young people receive effective support, protection and justice.
    The procedures contained within our Safeguarding policy apply to all staff, volunteers, contractors and visitors and are consistent with those of the local safeguarding children boards (LSCBs) involved with our children and young people.
    Any queries should be directed to Mrs Catherine Alger our Designated Safeguarding Person.

    Safeguarding policy 2019

  • Behaviour and Discipline at KMS

    At Kings Monkton School we recognise the importance of good behaviour. Our aims are:

    • To develop a whole school behaviour policy supported and followed by the whole school community, parents, teachers, children and governors, based on a sense of community and shared values
    • By applying positive policies to create a caring, family atmosphere in which learning and teaching can take place in a safe and happy environment
    • To teach, through the school curriculum, values and attitudes as well as knowledge and skills. (This will promote responsible behaviour, encourage self-discipline and encourage in children a respect for themselves, for other people and for property)
    • To encourage good behaviour by providing excellent role models and a range of rewards for children of all ages and abilities
    • To have a clear behavioural policy based upon clear and agreed expectations, values and understanding of what is accepted and expected behaviour within our school.
    • To manage issues quickly and carefully so that problems do not persist or escalate.
    • To ensure that staff are supported in delivering their lesson and that pupils are given the best educational environment possible in which to learn and maximise their potential.
    • To have a policy that realises our mission of giving our children the future they deserve.

    KMS Behaviour and Discipline Policy 2019

  • Curriculum Policy

    Kings Monkton School is a learning environment at the heart of its community. We promote care and respect and expect high standards in all aspects of school life.

    Our aim is to meet the needs of young people in Cardiff preparing them for adult and working life in the 21st century.

    The educational vision and curriculum design for Kings Monkton School recognises that:

    • The world of 2030 will be very different to the world of today
    • The pace of change is increasing, hence the importance for flexibility.
    • Young people have, and will have increasingly, greater access to information and learning material independently of school.
    • Adulthood entails economic participation and more.
    • 18+ year olds will still be at an early stage of learning.
    • The current curriculum defined in subject terms is not always well suited to equipping every young person with the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need for a fulfilling adult life.
    • Curriculum delivery should involve a greater use of adults other than teachers. These could include support staff, graduates, artists, sports people and people from industry and business to support curriculum delivery.

    Any queries about our curriculum should be directed to our Vice-Principal, Mrs Karen Norton.

    Kings Monkton School Curriculum Policy

  • Educational Visits (EV) Policy

    Educational visits offer an invaluable opportunity to enrich young peoples’ learning, raise their self-esteem, increase their motivation and appetite for learning and raise levels of achievement in many aspects of their life and education.

    At Kings Monkton School we believe that visiting new areas and exploring new environments broadens young peoples’ horizons and can deepen awareness of their own and others’ abilities and needs. Visits can also improve understanding between young people and their leaders and this frequently results in improved working relationships on return to the classroom.

    The Kings Monkton Educational Visit’s Policy has been written in line with Educational visits: A safety guide for learning outside the classroom – All Wales Guidance 2010 and incorporates guidance Health and Safety of Pupils on Educational Visits (HASPEV).

    The Kings Monkton Educational Visits Policy can be accessed here.