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Our junior department offers a secure and happy environment for 7 to 11 year olds where the curriculum is broad, balanced, challenging, multi-sensory and fun! Subject teaching is based around the national curriculum but is tailored to the needs of individuals and the aims of the school.

We aim to develop confident independent learners with the ability to work with others and who are able to use investigative and discussion skills and be creative.

There is a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, with a thorough grounding in literacy and numeracy skills. This is complimented by a wide range of other subjects in the weekly timetable including History, Geography, French, PSE, RE, Music, Art, Design technology, Information Technology, PE, swimming and Games. Many of these subjects are taught by specialist teachers, particularly in the upper junior classes.

Classrooms are bright, vibrant and lively places where information technology is used throughout the curriculum with interactive whiteboards being used by both teachers and children.

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Learning regularly takes place outside of the classroom as well, with trips and visits to local venues such as Cardiff Castle, St Fagan’s, Techniquest, theatres and parks etc.

Every Wednesday a range of extra-curricular activities compliments the academic programme and these activities change each term. This enables children to broaden their interests and skills and develop their individual talents.

Children grow in confidence by performing in regular drama and musical productions and participating in English Speaking Board Assessments, as well as having the opportunity to represent their school in a variety of sporting activities.


Our children are encouraged to value kindness, thoughtfulness towards others and good manners as they develop the social skills needed to take them forward to senior school.

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